Review for Citrus Vol.1

Review for Citrus Vol.1

20945102I heard a lot about this series (apparently it is a great series according to a lot of people), so I decided to check it out as I was in the mood for some new Yuri manga.

I can say that it was a bit confusing at times, and a bit weird. At times there was just too much going on, all kinds of ideas that are nice, but they do clutter a lot and distract from the story.

I also didn’t particularly like Mei. Hot, Cold. Sweet, Bitter. Pick a side girl. You can’t just kiss your step-sister one day, then be cold to her the next few days, then practically assault her again, and so on.
I can imagine your life is hard, with expectations left and right, a new mom, a dad who is never around (though that kind of amazes me considering the fact the mom met him), but no need to act like this.
I do hope that in the next volume (if I am reading those) she will get better.

Yuzu, ah Yuzu, she was an amazing character and I really loved her and what she did. She is frank, down-to-earth, and doesn’t take no for an answer. She does her best to get along with Mei.
The poor girl was also totally confused about her feelings, which I can imagine. It was really interesting to see her figure out her feelings, to find out what to do with them.
She was also super sweet and tried her best to be there, and comfort Mei. Or help out her mom, or help out her grandpa (though that took some time to take effect).
I also love how she looks, and all she does to keep that look. 😀 It is something I see pass by in manga stories more often, the whole hair thing, dyeing it, and how it isn’t allowed by many schools to have another hair colour than what is the standard one.

There are also various yuri scenes, which were lovely drawn. I hope that the next volumes will have more of that (again, still not sure if I will continue reading it).

The art is gorgeous, and I am thinking of seeing this artist made any other manga, hopefully some more shoujo-ai/yuri stuff. 😀

I wasn’t entirely happy with one scene, since it would be a spoiler I will not talk more about it, but I wish it wasn’t added.

That cork-screw-haired girl. Dear Lord, can we just erase her from the story? What a horrendous, bad character she was. 😐

All in all, I am still wondering if I want to continue. On the one hand I want to, because Mei and Yuzu make a cute couple, and I wonder about their future. But on the other hand… Mei does need to change to a normal person, not hot and cold.


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