Review for Citrus Vol.2

Review for Citrus Vol.2

22561346Sorry, but even with a 3 stars, I am dropping this series from this volume on.

Mei is just so horrendous. And yes, I know her daddy isn’t there (dick), he left years ago (again I am wondering how Yuzu’s mom met him), but that is no need to be a manipulative bitch who only wants to kiss/assault Yuzu whenever she is feeling down/sad/angry or whatever. This is not how you treat people girl. This is not at all how you treat people. You know about Yuzu’s feelings and you just toy with them like they are nothing. Either accept Yuzu, accept that you want her because you love her, or just don’t do it at all. Now you are only hurting someone close to you and that is a big no no.

And not only that but Mei’s moods just got annoying. Seriously, again, I know she is not really the best emotionally with stuff that happened, but that is still no excuse to be so hot and cold in her life. Nice one time, the next distant, the next a total bitch. 😐 Bleh, what a crap character.

Yuzu on the other hand is the only reason why I wanted to try it again, why I wanted to check out the second volume. Because Yuzu? Yuzu is amazing. She is strong, determined, willing to do anything and everything for her friends and family. But you can also see she doesn’t have it all too easy, but unlike Mei, doesn’t go around having mood swings as big as the Mount Everest.
I felt so sorry for her. Her love for Mei is still all new, she is so confused, and then you have the girl you love treat you like this. 😐

Momokino was slightly better in this one, though I thought the thing she did when Yuzu and Mei were on a trip was just plain creepy and stalkerish. Go away. Shoo.

The art is still gorgeous, and is also the reason why the manga scores so high for me.

But would I recommend this one? No. Nope. Never. There are enough other Yuri/Shoujo-ai manga out there that are way better and deserve more love than this one.


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