Review for Guinea Pigs Online: Viking Victory

Review for Guinea Pigs Online: Viking Victory

23165008After a successful first book, I decided to get the rest of this series as well. And boy, I am glad I did, because this book was hilarious and fun.

I actually still need to read book 2, but that one wasn’t in stock when I bought these online, so I am still waiting for that one. But, it seems that isn’t a problem. Sure, it is good I read the first book, because otherwise I wouldn’t have known several things, but it seems there is nothing that happens in the second book that gets mentioned in the third book. This is just another day in the life of our guinea pigs. Coco and Fuzzy, and all their friends. Coco is still being a bit spoiled and meh, but in this book she also shows a good side (like she did in the first book). She shows she truly cares, and she is truly trying stuff.
Fuzzy, well he isn’t really around that much. Coco is truly the main character of this book.

In this book their thicket is threatened, and as guinea pigs do in this series, they take action. They write a blogpost about it and do their best to help out. Of course, these are guinea pigs so you can imagine what happens. I won’t say anything, just read to find out if they can save their thicket, their homes.

We have a new character in the book, Olaf, who is crazy. Sorry, that is the only thing I can say about him. I didn’t entirely like him. He was annoying, he bragged. Just be honest with your fellow guinea pigs, not like they didn’t know from the start what you really were. 😐

The story had me laughing so hard at times. It is really funny to see what the guinea pigs do in this series. Stuff I never thought would be possible, and I have to be honest, I was worried it wouldn’t fit, but in a way it fits perfectly.

All in all, this was one book I really enjoyed, and I will be sure to read the rest of the books I have. 🙂


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