Review for Hamish and the Terrible Terrible Christmas

Review for Hamish and the Terrible Terrible Christmas

27993408So I finally had a chance to get and read this little novella. And I loved it!

My initial idea was that this would be a cute Christmas story with monsters, with our group of friends fighting them again, but then I started reading it and quickly found out it was totally different. Sure, there is the Christmas part, and also monsters. But this doesn’t take place after the first book. Hamish didn’t even meet his friends in this one, to be better said, they aren’t really his friends yet. This one is a Christmas before everything went haywire, before the events of the other book.
On the one hand I was a bit disappointed (because I looked forward to seeing our friends again), on the other hand… we did find out more about Hamish and his dad. So that was a nice bonus. 🙂

Still a shame that the blurb of this book makes it seem like it is about Hamish + his friends. I am sure people might be disappointed (just like me) when they find out. Of course, they will also be happy to learn more about Hamish, but still bothered that it isn’t what they thought it was.
Then again, it isn’t the first time that the blurb says one thing, and then does something totally different.

Anyway, back to the book. Since I can’t say much more without spoiling, I will just keep it basic. I loved that the setting was Christmas, it is my favourite holiday season. And if you add some creepy, stinky monsters to the mix, what could be better?
There is a lot of things that get answered, stuff I was kind of wondering about in the first book. Now it feels like I finally have a more complete image of the world that Hamish lives in.

What more? Ah, yes! I loved the breaking the fourth wall stuff. I so do love it when authors add that to their books. It is really like the books are just reaching out, talking to you directly. It always makes me laugh, and it pulls me into the world of the story even more.

Would I recommend this book? Yes, I would definitely recommend it. Don’t be fooled by the blurb though.


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