Review for How to Be a Viking

Review for How to Be a Viking

18620391Never read the How to Train Your Dragon series, but when I saw this one in the library I just knew I had to read it. And luckily you also don’t need any knowledge of the series to read this one.

This one is about an adorable little Viking named Hiccup (I just love that name! Though I do wonder how his parents got to call him like that.), unlike all the other Vikings he is pretty much afraid of everything and prefers to do calm and polite things (yes, totally not what the Vikings are about in this book). He has to go on his first sea voyage (so imagine his fears and his worries), and I just felt sorry for the little guy. Though later, on the voyage, I started to cheer for him, because he was so brave and awesome (unlike the other, older, Vikings). I had a big laugh on what the Vikings had, I mean, come on guys, you practically live on boats, how can you get that?

Hiccup shows a brave side, and I was so happy for him. He found something he is good at, something that he can do, something that shows he is true Viking after all!

The art is really interesting, not entirely a style I like, but it fitted with the book and the story.

Would I recommend this one? Yes, I would definitely recommend this one. It is cute, hilarious, and also shows that everyone can be brave.


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