Review for Meow! Katie’s Big Book of Animals

Review for Meow! Katie’s Big Book of Animals

18406800What a delightful book this was. This is sure to be a hit amongst kids. 🙂

Katie loves animals, she loves them a lot. And in this book she will tell us all about her favourite animals, about her pets, and much much more. Don’t think it is just show and tell though, this book also has a big part in which the kids themselves have to think. Match the skins to the right animal, learn the sounds of the animals, puzzles, and so much more. It is a delight, and I am sure that kids who want to learn about animals will love this book. You will learn so much in a fun, and happy way.

I had great fun finding out where the ant got his meal from. And the puzzles were great. I also liked that next to Katie we also have other characters (though one of them looks a lot like Katie, which caused a bit of confusion on where she left her distinct ponytails). 😀 I wish the other characters had gotten a bit more attention though. They seem fun, and while Katie is nice, I am curious about the likes of the other characters.

The art is fun, and I like that it mixes photography with illustrations. The art is also really colourful and that was the first thing that captured my eye when I spotted this one in the library.

All in all, this is a great book. You can learn things, but in a fun way. Definitely recommended!


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