Review for Merman in My Tub Vol.2

Review for Merman in My Tub Vol.2

25667125This volume was packed again with events, new characters, and hilarious situations!

Because this manga brings a new character to the mix. A shark guy named Agari-san. I am not entirely sure what to think of him yet. On the one hand he is quite interesting and he seems fun, but on the other hand, he is quite scary and gloomy. I think I would need to see him more to determine in what category he will fall.

Maybe he will end up falling into the category of the sister. Who is an annoying piece of poo. 😐 Sorry, but the way she clings to her brother, goes yandere when someone comes close to him, it is just not my kind of character. I wish that Takumi and Wakase wouldn’t motivate her that much with stuff. Instead I wish they would say no to her more often.

We also got several events in this manga. Olympics, sickness, Valentines Day, festivals, and so so much more. 90% of the manga takes place in the bathroom, which I still think is a great setting, though I also wish we could see more of Takumi’s place.

There is also a bit of fourth wall breaking, and I just adore that in manga/books. So much fun when characters reach out beyond their world and go into ours.

The art is still gorgeous and I just love how the sea people are drawn. Asagi, while gloomy and creepy, still has a nice design. 🙂
I also love that 2 page spread near the end. I wouldn’t mind having that in poster format on my wall. 😀

All in all, this volume is full with fun events and you will laugh your butt off during several events.


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