Review for Monster High: Boo York, Boo York: The Junior Novel

Review for Monster High: Boo York, Boo York: The Junior Novel

Jacket4.5 stars. I am so happy I found out about these books, I just love the Monster High books (and still planning on watching the series).

This is the first one I read (after that I bought all of the other Junior Novels), and I really loved it. This first book is all about Catty Noir (new character for me, or maybe she was just too much in the background of the other books for me to notice her) and Cleo.
Of course we also have other ghouls, but they play a smaller role (still it was lovely seeing them again). I loved that the setting of the book was New York (or Boo York as the ghouls call it).
Catty is all about finding her music, her inspiration, her muse, while Cleo just wants to have fun, but also has to be at certain big events for her dad (really big events for a De Nile).

Of course Cleo is still Cleo, I didn’t at times like her that much, but that is something that is a regular theme in the books. However, I do see that she truly cares about her friends, and also her boyfriend (even if she treats him a bit meh at times). I loved that she didn’t take one, or two friends, oh no, this girl just took all her friends + her boyfriend with her to New York.

Catty was an interesting character, I do hope we see more of her in other books. She is a fun character, and her romance with a certain character was oh so swoony. They make a fantastic couple and I hope they will stay together for a long time.
It was fun to see her sing, to search for her muse.

Next to those 2 stories, we also have the whole comet thing, and who or what that is. As long as it also took place during the Boo York parts I didn’t mind them, however the whole switching between the school and Boo York. I did like the ending and what happened to the comet. Also that cross over is amazing!

The stories switch between Cleo, Catty, and the Monster High. I have to say that I didn’t like the Monster High parts that much. It just got in the way of the other more fun stories. Or maybe it is also because Ghoulia just isn’t the character I like. Maybe if we could just understand her, and if she was a bit interesting, I might have liked those parts.

Another part I didn’t like was Nefara, and all she did. Dear Lord, that girl is a insert some mean words here.

But all in all, this was really interesting, though the black and white pictures of the colour pictures (since I am guessing that is what they are) weren’t always good. Especially Catty, who is already dark just seemed to disappear.
I really liked the colour images insert, though I wish they were added at the end. After this book I learned that I shouldn’t check those out because they will spoil the story. 😐

I would really recommend this book if you liked the Monster High books/stories.


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