Review for Monster High: Frights, Camera, Action! The Junior Novel

Review for Monster High: Frights, Camera, Action! The Junior Novel

21546377The second read book in this series. And this one is all about Draculaura, and, as you can probably guess, about movies and Hauntleywood (Hollywood). There is quite a bit of backstory as well, which I just loved.

Though then again, I also was a bit bored at times, because I knew exactly who the Vampire Queen was (thanks to another book I read in this series), and was frustrated that it took them THAT long to figure it out, even with all the hints throw around.

But (in the end) I did love the backstory (even if I knew most of it), it was interesting to read about it again, and to find out even more things about the vampire heritage.
And also Draculaura goes through an important event which made me smile. Yay, you go girl!

I also didn’t particularly like the parts in-between with the whole discussion on who was the hottest star in that new movie. I just skimmed over them, and rolled my eyes at them. Meh.

One last thing I didn’t like was Clawd and Draculaura’s relationship. It was just a bit too creepy. I know he is a werewolf, but seriously, what kind of relationship do you have with him? It is more like dog and owner. Throwing balls, scratching his ear, playing fetch, and several other stuff. Sorry, but no.

I loved the fact that the book took place through the whole world (we see so many new places), and that it was like a giant puzzle to find out all the hints, and figure out where the heart was located (and to find the Vampire Queen as well). We meet several new ghouls and mansters and I hope we will be seeing them again soon.

I also have to say that I love the language that is used in this series. Ghouls, ghostwriter, claw-some, Fear Squad, and several others. It is quite simplistic, but it works so well!

I would definitely recommend this book to everyone. As for me? I will continue reading these Junior novels, and potentially watching the movies/specials as well. Since I am curious to see how it looks animated.


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