Review for Monster High: Great Scarrier Reef: The Junior Novel

Review for Monster High: Great Scarrier Reef: The Junior Novel

4.5 stars! We finally learn more about Lagoona and her world.61tAs61pGZL

The third book in this series that I read, and I still got 2 to go. 🙂 This book was terrific, but also a bit sad, especially at the beginning and near the end. Toralei is being her usual self (aka bully, and mean), but I was delighted with her changing in the book. Sure, she is still stingy, but you can see that she does learn something during the events of this book, and I was just so happy to see that side of her. Not only the bitchy one, but also the kind one, who does see that she did wrong.

I felt sorry for Lagoona, what she has, I know all about it, though I don’t tend to go belly up when it happens. And then she has to face her fear, or she can’t come back to the surface, and neither can her friends. It was so interesting to see them all travelling, or should I say, being sucked into the world of fish, mermaids and more. I took an instant dislike to Kala when we met her, but luckily there are also good characters, like Posea (even though she was kind of dumb), Lagoona’s dad and her siblings (loved how they just took over Gil). I hope we will also one day meet with Lagoona’s mom.
At times I was a bit frustrated with Lagoona though. That she fell for such tricks, that she never noticed, and that she apparently had troubles with understanding what her fear was (geeeee, what would it be???? rolls eyes).
But mostly I just loved Lagoona, she is a dancer (I also love dancing), she is really sweet towards her friends, and she is not afraid to say no to people. Go girl! And at the end of this book I just loved her more, for all she said and did at the end. I loved how she could forgive and move on.

Kala, and her past (because boy, this girl has a big past) was interesting. After a while I started to see that maybe Kala wasn’t all that bad. That it was much much more.
I was kind of surprised that no one got the hint about Kala’s dad. As soon as we saw those things, I had a suspicion Kala’s dad was that person. But in the end they do find out, and I just liked the reactions. Instead of judgemental, instead of mean, they understood.

The underwater world was amazing, and I could just imagine me swimming there, going to school, talking to friends, dancing on a stage, and much more. It is a gorgeous world, and I hope we will be going there again some day.

All in all, I would really recommend this book to everyone. It is just so much fun! I will be sure to also watch the special/movie because I want to see the ghouls and the underwater world.


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