Review for Monster High: Haunted: The Junior Novel

Review for Monster High: Haunted: The Junior Novel

23000500The last book (for now) in this series. Hopefully there will be more specials/movies soon so that there can be more books about it. 😀

This book focusses on Spectra, our ghoulfriend who likes to gossip, and doesn’t tend to check if stuff is true. I didn’t always like her, but she really grew this book, not only to me, but also for herself, she learned several wise lessons in this book, and I hope she will keep remembering them for a long time to come.

But she is also a great friend, when she learns that her best friend is Haunted she immediately investigates and tries her best to fix what is wrong, even if that gets her in problems.

This time we see a new (or well not that often visited) world in this series. The Ghost World. I really loved that we were able to see where the ghosts come from, where they go to school, I had kind of wished to see some more family stuff (still curious, I know from most ghouls they have parents, but I never hear anything about the ghosts).
The High School in Ghost World (where most of the story takes place) sounds like a gorgeous place to be… well if you aren’t solid. Because then you will just bump against everything and anything. Doors are closed, swimming pools are in the air, and there are several other things that are just upside down. 😀

Like all the other books we have new characters, which also brings romance for the main character. Then we also have a baddy/enemy, one that is easily guessed (which is still a shame, but maybe kids don’t see it instantly? Though knowing kid-me, I am sure I would have also figured it out soon).
I don’t really mind this formula, though I kind of wish they would mix it up and add some spice. Why the need to add a bad guy/girl? Or why the standard stuff? Wouldn’t it be fun to just add something different, or to just throw it in a mixer and see what happens?

I loved the new characters and I hope we will see them again soon.

The ending was adorable, and continues the plot part that Monster High is a school for every kind of monster, ghost, or whatever else.

There also pictures, and I will still stick to the: “Maybe you guys should have kept them in colour.” Because at times it wasn’t easy to see what was in the picture + I feel that colour would bring some splash to the book.

But all in all, this was one great series/book, I will miss, but I will be hoping for more books!


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