Review for The Princess in Black and the Hungry Bunny Horde

Review for The Princess in Black and the Hungry Bunny Horde

97807636651354.5 stars! The Princess in Black is back and faces a new adversary!

And not just any adversary, one that is very cute, and apparently multiplies by the minute, it eats grass (and well other stuff as well), it is fluffy, purple, they are bunnies. Of course you can imagine the reaction of the PiB, instead of immediately fighting them, she coos, pets, and squees in happiness over the bunnies. Which, personally, I would have done too. 😀 Come on, they are bunnies, they are cute, and so they came from the Monsterland hole, maybe they just accidentally stumbled in there.

But of course this is a PiB book, and so the bunnies turn out to be something else as well. Nope, no spoilers, you will just have to find out why these bunnies aren’t what they seem. Believe me you will have a laugh, and it is also very exciting to see what will happen.

I just have to say sorry to the goat, that poor thing. This will be story that will be told throughout generations in the goat families.

I loved the transformation of the princess to the PiB, man that is one advanced cave of awesomeness.

The ending was adorable, and expected (it has the standard ending all the books have). Of course we still also have Princess Sneezewort, and I hope that she will pop up to ponder about certain stuff in other books, maybe one day she will find out.

The illustrations are lovely, and I just adore them. I also love the attacks/battle poses that our PiB makes. The art is nice and colourful, and the bunnies were soooo cute.

I would really recommend this book to everyone. Cuteness, princesses, unicorns, battles, lunches and brunches, bunnies, and much more!


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