Review for The Three Ninja Pigs

Review for The Three Ninja Pigs

284861914.5 stars. A brilliant and cute picture book.

My initial thought was that this would be the three little piglets story, but then instead of normal piglets these were ninja piglets. I was hoping for an epic wolf to be a worthy enemy of the piglets.
But then I started reading this book and quickly found out that this book was sooooo much more than just the three little pigs story. It encompasses a lot of different stories. We see Red Riding Hood (and a part of the story), we meet Cindy (or Cinderella), we say hi to Rapunzel, Pinocchio and even the Emperor (he has a clothing store, of course) is there. And several others. It was a delight to see the pigs go to those houses/places, and that we meet all those characters.

Of course we also have a big bad wolf, though in this one, instead of eating the pigs, he is making sure they get in trouble for stuff he did. Our pigs won’t stand for it, because they didn’t do anything, and well… read the story to find out what they do to get back to the wolf. It is hilarious, and I loved the solution/plan at the end.

The book made me laugh, it made me squeal in happiness to see other characters from stories. The art was lovely and fitting the book perfectly. And just the idea of the ninja pigs, oh brilliance!

I would highly recommend this book to everyone!


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