Review for Underwater

Review for Underwater

21945590This, this was just amazing. What a ride this book was! I loved every moment of it. Highly recommended.

Another one of my most anticipated reads, and another book that I loved to bits. A book that moved me, a book that made me cheer so hard for the MC, a book filled with tears, hope, loss, family problems.

Because while the book focusses on Morgan, while Morgan and what happened at her school is important, there is an undercurrent of something different as well. I will discuss that later in the review.

First up Morgan. I adored the girl, I could feel her fear, even if I never experienced what she did, even if I never have felt fear to leave my house, I could feel her fear, her sadness, her worries. At first we have no clue what caused Morgan to be stuck in her house. Following lessons online, never going outside, getting panic attacks when she see stuff that reminds her of that one day. That one day that changed everything. Because as the story continues we see snippets of what happened at her school, and why she slowly, but surely lost herself and went hiding in her home.
I have to say it was very effective, the way the author didn’t immediately shows us what has happens, but instead goes for the snippets and hints here and there. A memorial wall, a news bulletin on her school, her school closed, her neighbour and his connection, and so much other hints. Slowly, we can piece together that fateful day that changed so many lives. And it was horrific, the event that happened. I won’t say what, you will just have to read the book to find out.
I felt so sorry for Morgan, especially when we find out what her biggest fear/secret is about that day.
But, but, Morgan is trying. She is talking to a therapist, she is getting help, and with the addition of a lovely neighbour, who tries his best to help her, she is getting there.

At times it felt a bit rushed. One moment she would be afraid to go out, but the next she would be able to go so much further, and I wondered if it really was a logical pace. But then you would see Morgan going in hyperventilation mode, panic mode, and you knew that she was straining herself to get out there, to find the world again, to not be afraid of each and everything. Still I was wondering how we went from not daring to step out, to going outside and shop at a store. And sure, it was difficult, but it felt hurried. We were running towards events that wouldn’t be complete if Morgan was just staying inside her house.

Ben, Morgan’s little brother, was really cute and he was a great addition to the book. How Morgan smothered him, loved him, and did so much for him, it was amazingly sweet.

Then we have Evan. Awww, I just loved Evan. One or two times he wasn’t that nice though, but I could imagine it must be so frustrating for him to see Morgan do all sorts of things and then go back to how she was. Shut-in, alone, afraid, crying, losing it. Not knowing how to handle her negativity while also battling loss and other things.
But, he is also sweet and wonderful. He truly cares about Morgan, and I think he was a great addition to this book. The romance (duh, no spoiler there, it is immediately clear what these 2 are/will be) was sweet and totally not rushed or hurried. It felt all perfectly in place, like finding that one jigsaw puzzle piece you still needed to complete your puzzle. They make such a sweet couple, and Evan is always there for her when she needs him. He will calm her down, he will do amazingly sweet things for her that will make you go awww.

Brenda was a really sweet character, and I loved how she helped out Morgan. She is an amazing woman and she deserves all the praise.

Now we still have that one other thing that is there in the story next to the whole what happened on that fateful day. And that is Morgan’s dad. His troubles, his problems, what he did, what happened to him during his military days. How his family thinks of him, how that causes problems.  As the story continues, we find out more and more about him each time, and it was really interesting and I like that it was added. When we first encountered stuff I was worried it would be overwhelming, or it would draw away from the first story, but it doesn’t do that. If anything it adds so much more to the first story itself.

The ending was just perfect and I was just smiling and cheering all the time. I hope that Morgan will be fine, I hope that she will be able to move further in her life. With Evan, with friends, with family.

Like I said at the beginning, I would highly recommend this book!


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