Review for Waiting for Callback

Review for Waiting for Callback

25721422Another one of the books that I was really looking forward to reading, and my oh my, did I love it a lot!

Quite a few people who know me know that I love books about acting, about theatre, about reality shows, about actors. I am always on the lookout for a new book about this topic, and when I heard about this book + its topic I was delighted. This one is about acting, yes, but it features a topic I haven’t really spotted much in books I read so far, the whole waiting, the trying out for roles, the hoping you might get one. Waiting for callback. This book is totally dedicated to that, and infuses a bit of slice of life and romance with it in a delightful combination.

Really, now that I think of it, the only time I really saw people go through audition after audition and then waiting is in books about modelling. There are a few books about acting which feature one audition, but generally one already knows how that is going to end (since mostly they take place at the beginning/middle of the book).

Not this book. We see Elektra go through various auditions, some we see up and close, some we see her hope for, others we don’t see. I found Elektra a strong, great character. Even with all that happens in this book she does her best to stay happy, to find joy in her acting. Because, as you can imagine, it is tough to get rejected for something you looked forward to. Even if it is a role as a dead person (yes, apparently there is a big need for dead people).
Elektra doesn’t have it easy, I had a laugh, but also felt a bit sad when she signed up and had to name her talents… Just read, and find out what happens.
And then next to the auditions she got school (busy busy, with some mean girls), theatre/drama (with a cute/hot boy), she got friends. Her life is filled.

As for me? I kept cheering for Elektra, hoping that she would score that one big role. Or even all the smaller ones. She seems to be a great actress, full of happiness, dedication, and determination.

The parents, as expected, didn’t really get Elektra’s dedication to acting. Her parents wanted her to focus more on school. Though then again, at times I sympathized with them, they have to go with Elektra each time because she is still under 16, they have to wait with her for hours on an end. I can imagine that would drive anyone crazy, and then especially those who don’t want to be there that much.
But I did like them later on in the book, and what they did there.

I have to say, that I didn’t like Moss, at all. Well sure, to be honest there were 1 or 2 moments were I kind of liked her, but otherwise, no thank you. I found her annoying, and a hypocrite.
So you can talk about your boyfriend for ages, but oh no, not Elektra about her life/acting/waiting game. And if Elektra says something about this you get in a hissy fit? snortGirl…. shakes head Some people need to get their priorities straight.
And not only that, I just didn’t feel the support in her. It was like she was fine with Elektra acting, but all the other things? No.

What more? Mm, other than that I kept laughing my butt off while reading this one. Elektra was a fantastic character, and I just have to give an extra + for the name.
I also loved that we had mail exchanges between the agency and the mother/Elektra. It just gave the book something extra, and made the waiting game even more interesting as we (the readers) got directly involved as well.

Ah yes, I would love a second book. With the ending and all that happened there? I am sure there is a story for a second book, I have several things cough cough the romance cough that I would love to see further developed.

Mm, I think I have mentioned everything now, the only thing I would do is highly recommend this book to everyone! Looking for a funny, hilarious book, with some romance? You like acting? Or like reading about it? Then be sure to read this book.


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