Top 10 Books Perfect for Valentines Day

Top 10 Books Perfect for Valentines Day

Hello everyone!

First up, a very Happy Valentines Day to you all. May you all have an amazing day (with either friends, family, bookboy(or girl)friends, boy(or girl)friends/husbands/wives).

Today I bring you a top 10 (plus two lucky extra books which I just have to add) of swoony books, perfect for this day.

Special Mentions.

8 thoughts on “Top 10 Books Perfect for Valentines Day

  1. Great list! Love Perfect Chemistry and Kelly Oram books.Am really looking forward to reading Anna & the French Kiss and Simon. Bought Simon today 😀

    1. Thanks! Another fan for those books, yay. *high fives* You will love Anna and the French Kiss, lots of cute moments in France. <3 Nice! Did you buy the Dutch version (I believe it came out today, planning to buy it even though I also have the English version)? If yes to the Dutch version, which colour book did you get (since I heard there are two versions, blue and red)?

      1. I indeed bought the Dutch version, even went to the book presentation!
        I chose the red version, since red has always been my color and it will stand out more in my bookcase.
        Have yet to read it though 😉

        1. Ohhh, lucky you! I wish I could have gone to the book presentation, but it fell on Valentines Day. 🙁 Luckily there were enough pictures/videos to check out afterwards.
          Nice! Yeah, red does stand out. I also bought the Dutch Simon book, in Red, because I also got the English version and that cover is red (thought they would match quite nicely).
          Let me know what you thought of it when you get to reading it (hoping you will love it a lot). 🙂

          1. I just finished reading it and I loved it! Simon is such a cutie 😀 The book was so adorable at times.
            I also quite liked the message it portrayed. Forcing somebody to come out of the closet is not nice!

          2. Yay, I am happy to hear you read it and loved it! *cheers for another Simon fan*
            Yeah, it has a great message, one that I hope will be heard by others as well. Indeed, it is not nice, and people should not do that and respect others. I felt sorry for Simon that he had to go through this. 😐

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