What I Hope To Read March 2016

What I Hope To Read March 2016

Hello everyone!

Wow, the months are just flying by, can you imagine it is already almost March, and also almost Spring? Wow. Not that we had that much winter weather in my country, it was mostly wet, and spring/fall weather. I am looking forward to real Spring though. Cleaning up my balcony after a wet winter/fall, and being able to read on the balcony, ah, perfection. <3

This month I got quite a few books I want/hope to read, though I might just be like I am this month and barely read any of the new releases (just not in the mood). Of course I do hope to read them soon. 🙂

Let me get started on what I want to read + what kind of pre-orders I have this month (lots of amazing books!).





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