Friday’s Page 69 ~ How Hard Can Love Be?

Friday’s Page 69 ~ How Hard Can Love Be?

“You really are, categorically, the most American guy in the universe,” I said. “Next you’ll be telling me you were Prom King. And you drive a red pick-up truck.”

He pushed my arm back. “Prom King and Homecoming King. And my jeep is parked in the camp parking lot.”

I rolled my eyes. “Yeah rights…” I started. Then I looked at him. He wasn’t laughing. “… Wait, you’re not kidding?” I dropped my mouth open, so much I probably ate double my daily protein recommendation in bugs. “You were a Prom King? I’m sitting next to an all American actual real-life Prom King.”

He shrugged, like it was nothing. NOTHING. But hello!?! Prom King?! All my life I’ve been watching movies about Prom Kings. I never thought they were real, and not Zac Efron.

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