Library Haul 26-3-2016

Library Haul 26-3-2016

Hiya everyone!

It is has been 3 weeks, so I went to Library #3 again. 🙂 I got a whole haul of new (and hopefully) fun books to read. Sadly, the bookstores didn’t have any treasures (aka English second hand books) this time. But I had a good time nonetheless. It was gorgeous spring weather outside (though it was quite windy).

Here is my Library book haul!




Tapper Twins: Tear Up New York, The by Geof Rodkey
Vriendschap voor 100% by Anja Bout-Monteau
Make Friends, Break Friends by Julia Jarman, Kate Pankhurst
Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas
Het Supergeheime Leven van Andy V.: Klas op Stelten by Heleen Brulot, Dirk Nielandt
Kathy’s Kat deel 2 by Christophe Cazenove, Hervé Richez, Yrgane Ramon
Sisters deel 1 by Christophe Cazenove, William
Sisters deel 4 by Christophe Cazenove, Hervé Richez, Yrgane Ramon
Sisters deel 7 by Christophe Cazenove, William
Oh No, George by Chris Haughton
Moon Rabbit by Natalie Russell
Millicent and Meer by Richard Byrne

2 thoughts on “Library Haul 26-3-2016

    1. I was so happy that my library finally had it, I heard so much about it. 😀 Can’t wait to read it!

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