Review for A Drop of Night

Review for A Drop of Night

17735579What did I just read?

Sure, the blurb is pretty much spot on with what is happening in this book, however it was still a big brainscrew and wth is going on. There was just so much going on, and it felt like a conspiracy’s fan’s wet dream. If you thought one thing happened, then POOF another thing would happen, and then POOF another thing. And then magically it would all connect into one big thing. And then that ending (which I saw coming from the earlier chapters). Though the ending…. Urgh!

The book also switches between the now (with our teens) and the past (with Aurelie and her family and the threat and how stuff started). I have to say that out of the two times I preferred the past part. Mostly because Aurelie wasn’t that annoying, instead she was brave, strong, and I was really interested in reading her story.

Because yes, sorry, but Anouk (and I read/pronounced it the way we Dutch people do it, not Ahhhhhhhhhh NUKE, but Ah/Aa nook, I am really not sure where the author got the AHHHHHHH NUKE from), was an annoying, meh, horrible girl who frustrated me to no end. She kept whining, crying and doing stupid things.
But yes, I kept reading the book even though Anouk was frustrating and I hated her cold attitude of just hating on everything and anything.
We later find out why Anouk is like this, but I just couldn’t find any sympathy by the time we got to that point (near the end).

I liked the other girl in this book (sorry, I forgot your name even though you were so sweet, awesome and kick-ass). I wouldn’t have minded if the POV was totally from her. It would have made the book slightly better.

The 3 other guys. Urgh, just urgh. 😐

The ending just frustrated me a bit. I can’t really go into details, because that would go into spoiler territory but I felt it was done a bit too easy. I also didn’t like that it just ended with how it ended. I wouldn’t have minded an extra chapter.

And yes, I still loved the book, even though it was a big mash-up of everything, and at times it was just highly silly. That no one ever noticed. That no one ever raised an alarm.
The monsters in this book are creepy and gave me goosebumps all over.

All in all, it was a pretty so-so book, but I had hoped for more.


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