Review for Ballpark Eats

Review for Ballpark Eats

28819046I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

4.5 stars. I don’t really have anything with Baseball (but maybe that is because I live in the Netherlands, and while we apparently (found out yesterday) have a great baseball team, the culture that seems to be in the USA of going to games/events is just not here, at least I never heard anyone in my surroundings state that they were going to a game, nor do I know of any stadiums (if we even have more than 1)), but the book did sound interesting, especially the whole cooking/finding out about various foods.

And after reading I can say that I truly enjoyed myself, and that I have the give applause to the recipes to be 99% Worldwide. The only one I can’t make is the Tatertot one, we don’t have those things here. And there might be some other stuff like specific ingredients that will be hard to find, but won’t be impossible (like the tater tots). Before I started reading I already thought that I would just be drooling over the yummy food, but now I can actually try them out. Though I might lessen on the portions, because dang they are quite huge at times. Not sure how anyone can eat that and not get a big stomach ache afterwards.
I also want to give extra points for adding an appendix with temperatures in Celsius and measurements in worldwide format. Thanks! I was already thinking I would have to do the converting thingie again, and I never look forward to that, as it isn’t always totally accurate.

Further on the book. Before each recipe (or recipes) we have a bit of information on the stadium where the food comes from. Information like nicknames, size, year of building, and also a paragraph (or paragraphs) on some stuff that happened in the stadium. Added with it is a photograph of the location. I really loved it. Again, I am not a big baseball fan, but this, this was just so much fun. I learned a whole lot about different stadiums.

Of course the book isn’t about recipes and stadiums alone. Oh no. It also has various little facts hidden around the pages, there are quizzes, there are maps and so much more. The book is a whole big information pile which will pull in everyone.

I really enjoyed this book, and I will be buying it when it is available in hardcover/paperback so I can try my hand on some of the recipes.

A warning though, this book will make your stomach growl, might cause a bit of drooling, and you will have to hold yourself from nibbling on the book (even if said book is on tablet due to ebookness).

I would highly recommend this book to everyone!


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