Review for Camp Midnight

Review for Camp Midnight

CAMPMIDNIGHT_COVER_2x3_300I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

Well, the book certainly goes into the category: Looks good and sounds good, but isn’t good at all. 😐

Because that is the problem with this book. The cover is amazing, the blurb sounds great and fun, but quite soon I got bored with the story and the art was just, I am sorry if this is harsh, but I have to be honest, ugly. The colours just run along like some rainbow on the run, and I just didn’t like how stuff was drawn.

Still I continued on, in the hopes that things would get better, hoping the art would at least improve, but neither happened.

Our main girl is a terrible, rude, bleh girl, who needs to look at things from the brighter side for once. Really, I just got so annoyed with her attitude towards EVERYTHING and ANYTHING, that I just wanted to shake her around. She still got her parents, sure the camp thing is a bit weird, but she is making friends, she has a healthy life, she has a crush, but yet, the only thing she can complain about is everything and anything. Especially her stepmother. Who indeed, is a bitch, but I am unsure if that is true, or if that is just because we see everything from the MC’s view. I read enough stories about stepmothers who actually turned out to be really kind and nice, but through the eyes of the stepchildren are evil.

The camp thing? The twist who Mia was? Meh, I saw it coming and I wasn’t really impressed at it all. It looked like a fun camp (if you don’t count the mean girls), but I also wondered how our MC ever got into it, I know, it was accidental, but how did none of the people know immediately she wasn’t supposed to be there? Especially considering what the camp was for. Generally with a camp like that + someone who doesn’t fit there is going to be trouble, or at least some sort of stuff happening. In this one? Our MC just toughs it out, tells some stuff about not showing things, but yeah, I expected more from that kind of setting.

There is also a bit of romance, which was truly the only part I enjoyed.

All in all, this graphic novel was a big disappointment, I wouldn’t recommend it.


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