Review for Hadi Girl Vol.1

Review for Hadi Girl Vol.1

9784832240902While checking out some new manga, I found out about this one. It sounded enormously cute, a girl needs to face certain tasks if she ever wants to find love.

Yes, it does have quite a few similarities to Shugo Chara. A girl who isn’t honest to her character (and is embarrassed to change), an egg she has to take care off, even the egg has decorations. There is even some magic.
But luckily there is enough that is different. The main character is so embarrassed by everything that it is just embarrassing. But as the manga continues (you can see some change in volume 1) you will see that she is changing. Sure, she still finds stuff embarrassing, but you can also see she kind of likes it, and that is she is growing closer to the boy she keeps picking for her challenges (more on that in a bit), and also her best friend (who is quite awesome).

Yes, challenges. Our girl has, in order to hatch the egg she received, do challenges. These challenge are (at the moment, who knows what will happen in the later volumes) innocent of nature. Indirect kisses, embraces, lap pillow stuff, feeding, etc. They all have time limits varying from doing them now, to a few days. Our girl is wearing a bracelet that has hearts on it. Each time she completes the challenge a heart will light up and be coloured in.
Of course, I hear you say, psh, that is all easy. Yes, but fail and you will not only lose the challenge, but you will also lose any change on romance with someone. 😐 Yep, it is that drastic. Fail and bye bye to love.
This only causes our main girl to have even more tension towards the challenges.

But it was really cute to see her try, figure out ways, and then do the challenges. It is all really romantic and cute. Though she should really be a bit more tactful towards the guy (he is getting quite confused by her cold/warm attitude).

The art is quite pretty, I love how the characters are drawn. And the scenes with the challenges are often quite cute and lovely drawn, you can just feel the romance (and embarrassment) coming off the pages.

I will be sure to read this one further, I am curious about the egg, the challenges (how long will they stay so innocent), about our main character (will she get over her embarrassment).
And I would also recommend this manga to everyone.


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