Review for Hadi Girl Vol.4

Review for Hadi Girl Vol.4

OMG, that ending! swoons That was adorable, and so creative from Sae.20739781

The manga continues! There are more cute scenes, lots of embarrassing parts, and some romance to top it all off. Sadly there is also still a cliffhanger (BLEH), and the love triangle continues (and should die already, Sae x Honda for OTP).

And I don’t need to worry about the tasks, the tasks continue in this one! The cliffhanger in the previous volume? The egg has hatched and is now some kind of caterpillar shaped thing. The tasks continue, though she doesn’t need to fill a bracelet with hearts, instead she just needs to complete the tasks (+ the additions that keep getting added to it). And they have really gone up. Sure, we have had confessions, and a kiss (well kiss…), but now it is bikini shopping, going into a guys room and several other more daring tasks. Of course you can imagine Sae’s reaction (and also Honda’s) to it all. Yep. Embarrassment and blushing all over the place!
I am curious to see what will happen to the caterpillar when everything is completed, will it turn into an angel/something special? I do hope so, it would be lovely if that happened (and hey, Sae is already planning her marriage with her best friend in case all fails :D).

Honda’s sister is really perceptive. Dang, that girl knows what is up and seems determined to get her brother and Sae together! Yay, more people trying to get these 2 to be together and be a couple already. Everyone can clearly see that these 2 like each other.

I didn’t entirely like the chapter with the Lunch Date. Though I blame the dad for that. Seriously, what is wrong with that guy? Acting like that? I know dads are protective, but this is just overkill, and I hope (with what happened) he will rein himself in and stop being so overly dramatic.
I can imagine why Sae became so embarrassed. With such a dad, anyone would.

The ending to this volume was adorable. Go Sae! I hope that Honda will understand you did it for his birthday though. We all know how dense he is. But it seems he understands that it is a very special place and that he should be honoured to be invited there.

Now it is waiting for the last volume, hopefully I can read it soon, and hopefully it will have a very romantic ending! crosses fingers


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