Review for Hadi Girl Vol.5

Review for Hadi Girl Vol.5

20794987And so this series ends. And boy, did it end in an explosion of fireworks.

I will be keeping this short, because I want everyone to go in this one fresh, to feel all the emotions that I felt as well.

I was a bit worried about this one. There was still a lot of things left to be said, still enough things to do (tasks and such), I was wondering how the hell it would all fit in 4 to 5 chapters. But after reading, and getting a very lovely ending, I can say that I never had to worry. Each chapter deals with something that still needs to be solved, something that still needs to be said. It doesn’t feel rushed, it all just clicks into place.

Sae-chan is finally honest with herself, and also with others, and I am happy that she finally dared to speak up. It took her 4 volumes, but now she said what she needed/wanted to say.

I am still kind of sad the tasks stayed so innocent and cute, I had hoped for a bit more, but I guess that wouldn’t fit the manga, and it would also have exploded Sae-chan’s head if she had to do them. 🙂

Kikka is an amazing character and she helped Sae-chan out so much. She is a fantastic friend, and I loved what happened with her and a certain boy in this manga. Go go!

We also have an appearance of Girl #2 (sorry, Maki I believe it was). While I was sighing when I first saw her pop up, it turned out to be quite a good chapter with her in it.

The art is still gorgeous and I really loved it. It went from good to awesome.

The ending? Well it was perfect. Still a bit innocent, but oh well, at least…

All in all, this is one series I would highly recommend to everyone. Sae-chan might be a bit frustrating at times, but she is really trying, and I really loved her at the end of this series.


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