Review for Harper and the Circus of Dreams

Review for Harper and the Circus of Dreams

28007772Yay for a new Harper book, and one that is even more important, and also sadder than the first and the middle book.

In this book we finally find out more about Harper, about her past, how she got to live with her aunt, and we also have a heartbreaking reunion (I was crying). I loved that this book finally told us everything about Harper’s past/life. Harper is such a fun, interesting, musical girl and I want her to be happy. She deserves extra happiness in her life. And in this book so much happens, but it is never rushed, it all feels like when one is making a jigsaw, and the last pieces are slowly clicking into place. Slowly, the pieces reveal where they go, finally we get a complete picture of a character.

Of course, it wasn’t that hard to figure out several things (there were a lot of hints), but even if you know (or have an idea about it), it doesn’t matter, you will cry when everything gets together.

I also loved the circus, and how that circus worked. It seems like such a fun place, but we do find out some stuff that makes it a place of sadness as well. 🙁 Of course I won’t tell you what, go read the book. 😀

I love all the side-characters and their special characteristics. They at times also get a chance to shine in the spotlight, and I just love that. They deserve that, especially since it shows their characters are growing.

The illustrations are still beautiful and perfect. I just love how everything is drawn, even the little things are drawn in detail. <3

All in all, this was a magical, lyrical, and fun book, full of emotions and revelations. I would highly recommend this book to everyone!


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