Review for How Hard Can Love Be?

Review for How Hard Can Love Be?

26255907It took me a bit to get used to this one, I totally forgot this one was about another girl from our trio. 🙂 So I was all like, wait what? How? What? But then I settled in and I loved it.

I first have to rant about one thing (the other thing comes later). Unlike the last book I knew about the feminism, but I still wanted to read the book. I read some parts, but generally I just tuned out of the feminism talk. It was a bit too much for me. Like I said in many other books, I don’t mind feminism though I have no interest (though these days thanks to me being on twitter it is getting beyond the no interest and moving to the zone of being annoyed with it getting pushed in my face too much) in it beyond equality for woman in work/pay, for girls and woman to be able to go to school and get a diploma. Other than that, no thank you.
Back to the book, I was really turned off when they girls started bitching about that Melody girl, and even going so far to call her a chauvinistic pig. Sorry, but you are all for Feminism and that, yet you bitch about a girl? Wow. Really progressive. 😐
So yeah, I went to tuning out/ignoring the OMG YOU MUST DO FEMINISM OR DIE stuff (sorry, it just felt like that) and enjoying the other parts of the book, because there were a lot of fun parts.

Like the whole Kyle and Amber thing, it was so sweet, though I was a bit frustrated with Amber for not going for it sooner. I mean, yes, I know you are going back to England, but um, this is 2016, we have skype, you mail each other (snail or email), and so many other options. I know it won’t be easy, but you can always save for flights. If you really want, and really are dedicated this shouldn’t be a barrier.
So I just kept cheering, and hoping, and crossing my fingers that these 2 would get together, they had such a great energy and chemistry. It just sparkled and popped every time these 2 got together!

I absolutely love camp books, so you can imagine my joy when I got to the point in the story where we find out that Amber is going to spend a few weeks at a camp, helping out with the kids, doing fun camp things and much more.
And it really turned out to be fantastic and fun and interesting and much much more. Those kids, they made me laugh so much. Calvin was a bit creepy, but in general the kids were fun to read about. Especially all the stuff they did (I felt sorry for our main character and her fellow friends).
The writer really wrote detailed about the camp, I could often just imagine myself there. Seeing the gorgeous lake (though unlike Amber I would just jump in immediately), seeing the cabins, trying to enjoy the food (From what I read in other stories it doesn’t tend to be that good), having a great time doing all sorts of activities.

I absolutely rolled off my chair numerous times. My book is packed with little strips of paper so I can write down the quotes and remember them. I also had so much fun to read them to my boyfriend who also laughed hard at them. 🙂

The ending (and what happens there) it was awesome. I can imagine why Amber did that, why she decided on that, it might not have been the best idea, but considering the circumstances….
I won’t say more, because that would spoil things, and I don’t want that.

I absolutely adored Whinnie, she was a fun, happy character and her whole personality was (even though her life wasn’t easy) just bright and shiny. I loved that she just was who she wanted to be, and didn’t give a damn about anything or anyone. Go girl. 😀

I loved the English/American stuff. It was really interesting to read about a British girl going to America and see her observe everything, make funny remarks, and be amazed at all the stuff going on.

Now for 1 big thing, and 1 smaller thing that I didn’t particularly like, but that formed the story, and the characters so I can forgive it a bit.
First the smaller thing, the amount of drinking that Amber did. We later find out why, but I was quite a bit disgusted at the fact she was constantly drunk. Especially considering her mother, I found it sick, and wondered why the heck anyone would drink themselves to almost a coma when you have a family member like that.

Then we have the parents. God, really, I will stick to what I said in other reviews of other books, some people shouldn’t get children. Really, never.
Two cases in this one, the father. For how he didn’t care to react to his daughter, and just blamed her. For how he didn’t seem to care about her. For how he seemed to care more for his new wife and his new kid. Also, we find out a detail about him in this book and I was just shaking my head. How in fuck’s name can you even do that? Didn’t you listen when you married your wife, in good and bad times? Not just dump your wife in a pile of poo when it is bad.
And then we have the mother. Or as I will call her, bitch. Because that is what she was. I know what is going on with her, and yes, I sympathized, but throughout this book I just wanted to throttle her, for doing what she did. For the blaming she did. For the shit she pulled on her own kid. For the shit she keeps pulling. For the hurt she does to everyone around her. I was just so frustrated with that woman throughout the book.
I could go on and on for a long time about this woman, but I rather not waste my time on her any more. I have said what I said and I think that is OK.

So all in all, this was a great, fun, hilarious, sweet book, and I would still highly recommend it, even though it had a few points that were negative.


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