Review for Kindred Spirits

Review for Kindred Spirits

This was such a creative and fun book!26365537

I just love Rainbow Rowell’s books (well her YA books that is), so when I heard about her writing a short story for World Book Day I just knew I had to get this book, especially since it sounded so much fun.

I have never read nor seen a book about waiting in lines for a movie/book, well at least not the whole book. But that is what this one is all about. Our MC is finally old enough to stay in line of the movie of her favourite franchise: Star Wars. She is expecting some awesome things to happen, great lines, parties, Star Wars fun, and more! Sadly it seems those times are over, at least in her home town. When she gets to the cinema there are only two other people in line. But yet she has the best week ever. Her week will be full of hilarious stuff, a few disappointments and also something I didn’t see coming, but which I totally loved.
Sure, I had also kind of hoped that the line would get bigger, but I think this works even better. And it was just so much fun to see 3 people sit/sleep/eat so close to each other and getting to know each other.

Hilarious (and also at times embarrassing situations) include: peeing in a limited edition Star Wars cup (because sometimes you just got to go, even if it is night and stuff is closed), getting Star Wars cupcakes in a hilarious way, finding out that guy in your line is someone you should know, and several others!

Of course since this is also a book about Star Wars be prepared for a lot of Star Wars trivia, our MC has a big secret she is keeping from the others that has to do with Star Wars, Star Wars cupcakes, reminiscing about past lines/Star Wars movies. It was a delight to read about them.

There was only one thing I didn’t like and that was the mother. Seriously, your kid is 17/18 now, almost away to college and you keep stalking her like that? Passing by in your car every x number of hours. I know you are worried, but this is just too creepy and controlling. Have a bit of faith in your kid. I am sure if she wants to go home, she has a phone to call you on, or can borrow a phone from someone. 😐

But all in all, this was a delightful little short story and I laughed by butt off during many many things that happen in the book. I also love the ending, it hints to something much more (and now I also want a sequel to this one!).


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