Review for Make Friends, Break Friends

Review for Make Friends, Break Friends

135733761.5 stars. Wow, this was just bad. 😐

3 horrible girls, 1 girl who is just a bit too desperate and clingy and also pretty weak (Phoebe), another who is too popular and mean (Erika), and lastly another girl who tries to hard and is too bossy (Daisy).

Seriously, I was frustrated with all the characters. They were hopeless, horrible and bleh. I even found myself agreeing to mean girl Erika’s Pheeble. Sorry, but Phoebe was just whiny, OMG you are seeing other people?????, and didn’t care to even try to do things, instead just choosing to let things pass. Because why the hell would you tell anyone anything, or even try out things. And why the hell are you so possessive.
Daisy was also not much better. Her bossiness and the way she apparently also couldn’t pick sides or try a bit harder didn’t help.

Oh and then that magical ending. Bah, I hate it when it happens. The whole book is about them not getting together, arguments everywhere, something happens (not even that exciting), and bang <spoiler> they are friends??? </spoiler> What? How? What? No. Just no. It is just unbelievable and feels forced.

The only 2 good things (and one of them is the reason why this book went up with 1 star), I liked the way the book was written (not the ending, but the way we got the POV from each girl, and how the book was split into days). But the best thing (and also the reason I actually picked up the book) was Kate Pankhurst’s art. That is the one that gave this book his needed boost. I love her art and it was a delight to find out she drew the illustrations for this book. 🙂

All in all, I wouldn’t recommend this book. 🙁


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