Review for Max & Charlie

Review for Max & Charlie

cover85385-mediumI received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

When I saw this book at Netgalley I just needed to read it. It all the right elements, all the right things that I would love. And then I started reading it, and it was good, but after about 10 pages I was wondering what the fuck was happening, and after 40 pages I lost all sense of what happened. Yes, the blurb describes a kid going on a dreamed trip through NY. Sorry, dreamed is not what I would say, more like an acid trip or drugs trip gone wrong.

The ending does some explaining, but also leaves a lot. So was it truly that? Or was it something else? I will just stick to a drugs trip gone wrong. Especially with what happens in the last pages. Though I am also confused. It stops at the taxi stop, but I decided to scroll through a few empty pages and found another 2 pages, which only make the whole book even more confusing. 😐

I seriously had a big headache at the end, I struggled to get through this book. Sorry, dream sequences (or drugs trips) are nice but are clearly not my thing. I found the dog highly annoying, the people weird/obnoxious/wth?, and the main character was nice, but a bit too much.

The only thing I really liked in the end was the art. It wasn’t always the best in looks, but the colours, wow, those were just absolutely gorgeous, and they are also what kept me going. I just wanted to see more of those colourful illustrations.

Would I recommend this one? No. Definitely no. Unless you like a book that feels like a drugs trip gone wrong only now with a kid and his dog.


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