Review for Moon Rabbit

Review for Moon Rabbit

6489639I finally found the first book in this series (the second book is: Brown Rabbit in the City which I also reviewed). This book tells us all about how the white rabbit met with the brown rabbit, and how they became friends. 🙂

As I said in my review about the Brown Rabbit book, I was curious if there were more books, at times I felt like I had missed a part of the story, and well, after reading this one… I can say that this one contains all the answers I was searching for.

This one was just as cute as the Brown Rabbit book. Maybe even more so, because it was just so much fun to see the White Rabbit, to see her wander around her city, to find Brown Rabbit and find out all about him, and to have fun with him (which was super adorable). I was sad at the ending (or well the few pages before the ending), but the real ending was sweet, and indeed left a space open for the Brown Rabbit book.

Like the Brown Rabbit book, the illustrations just fit perfectly. They aren’t shiny or bright, but instead just soft, fluffy, and calm. I loved seeing the backgrounds, and the parts with both bunnies were just so much fun.

All in all, I am delighted I finally had a chance to read this book, and to find out about White Rabbit and also about her relationship with Brown Rabbit.
I would recommend this book to everyone.


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