Review for Nibbles: The Book Monster

Review for Nibbles: The Book Monster

28084292I am a book monster myself, though I don’t really eat books, at least not in the way Nibbles does. I devour books by reading them. 😀

Nibbles on the other hand loves eating books, entering their stories, and disturbing their peace. In this book we see him go through a various bunch of fairy tales, like Red Riding Hood, and wreck havoc there. Pissing of the residents of the stories, and not making a lot of friends because he also nibbles on the books.
I still couldn’t hate the little fellow, instead I just laughed at his cuteness and his total obliviousness to all that happened around him. Though at times you could see he knew what he was doing.

I enjoyed opening the flaps (there were a lot), hunting for Nibbles, and then at the end doing what needed to be done. I also had great fun checking all the book titles during Nibbles escape (there were not only old books, but also some newer books, and it was a delight to read them and point and squeal at recognizing a newer book).
The book is riddled with holes here and there, holes through which Nibbles ate himself a way out. I loved that they were added it made the book so much more fun.

I also have to give extra credit to the book cover. Normally books are paper and feel cold/hard on the touch, but not this one. It has texture, but also seems to not been made from paper but from fabric. I love it when publisher/authors do something special to their books.

The art/illustrations were gorgeous and lovely, they were just as much fun as the story was. Nibbles is drawn in a cute way, and I also loved seeing the fairy tales come to live anew with this artist’s art.

The ending is open ended, so I have hopes that we will have another Nibbles book! With new adventures! New books! I can’t wait. 😀

I would highly recommend this book to everyone.


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