Review for Spot the Difference

Review for Spot the Difference

29344559The 4th of the 5 World Book Day books. Now I just need to wait on the 5th book to come in.

This was pretty awesome, it was short (80+ pages) but very effective. Avery has acne, and has suffered because of that. Not only because of the pain, or the way it looks, but also because she has been bullied and called names like Pizzaface. I never had acne, but I had other things, and I just felt sad, and sorry for Avery.
But even though she was bullied, she did try to get through her daily life, and I was impressed with her. Of course I also had my moments that I didn’t like her. That she was judging the A-list people for what they said and did, but in her mind did the same things (just never said them out loud). Sorry, girl, but that makes you just as bad as those who say it out loud. Calling someone a beaver, or saying other things is just a no-no. It took away a bit of the sympathy I had for her.

I also didn’t like her parents that much. Yes, I can imagine that they would be hesitant if a product has side-effects that are dangerous, but really, how can you not see that your daughter is on the verge of just quitting things. That your daughter is hurting so much, every day, all the time, no matter if she is awake or asleep. Sometimes you just got to take the risk, and hope. There is always help if things don’t turn out right, you can always stop.

Yes Lois, your best friend just found a few new friends, and oh yes, it indeed sucks that she doesn’t have 100% attention to you, but seriously, did you have to fucking act like you are 6 year old? Wow. I loved Lois at the start, but near the end? Sorry, I just wanted to throw her off her high horse. Again, Avery isn’t much better, but Avery does try to be with her friend, does to try to mix/match her new and old life. She even tries to include Lois with her stuff, even tries to get her to sit next to her, or even offers to come with her. But nooooo. I don’t think Lois should complain.
But it seems that poor little Lois cannot handle that. She needs 100% undivided attention or else boohoo. 😐 Sad, sad little girl. 😐

Lucy was the biggest surprise in this book. I was worried about, considering what Avery said about her, but she turned out to be totally different, and I started liking her more and more with each page.

The romance that is in this book was adorable. It isn’t an overload of it, but just the right amount.

The ending was magnificent and I was happy for Avery. She made some amazing and strong decisions and she really grew so much.

I am sad though that we can only guess about the outcome of the head girl competition. Or if Seth ever went back to talk to Avery.

Maybe someday we can have a longer book about Avery. I would buy it. 🙂

All in all, this was a good book, and I enjoyed it immensely.


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