Review for Supermarket Gremlins

Review for Supermarket Gremlins

9781405277136The hunt for the gremlins is on! One trip to the supermarket, a lot of naughty, trickster Gremlins to find!

This book was a delight, I was laughing constantly, while trying to find all the Gremlins and reading the story. There are Gremlins everywhere! In every aisle of the supermarket, in every food, in every cart.
Thinking that puddle in aisle 7 is just water? Or juice? Think again! It might just be Gremlin wee (yes, even Gremlins have accidents). See those luscious apples or kiwis? They might not be those fruits at all. Oh no. And watch out for the bread department, or actually be silent, because the Gremlins love to sleep there.
Each part of the supermarket has Gremlins, and all the Gremlins are just playing tricks, living their lives, and having a jolly good time.

I know I will never again think that that puddle might be juice. Or that an item in the wrong place is placed by a lazy person, oh no. It must all be by the Gremlins. 😀 And I will be sure to keep a watchful eye on my grocery cart, you never know when a Gremlin, or his friends might just steal it from under your nose!

Yes, this book is a delight. I knew there would be flaps to flip, but so many, and in so many sizes. From small ones, to tiny ones, to huge, almost half a page, ones. It was so much fun to hunt for the flaps, to flip them open and find the Gremlins, or see them do actions that are totally opposite from what they were doing before you opened the flap.
I was just giggling in happiness from all the secrets that were hidden in the book.

I loved the ending of this book, it did fit perfectly. 🙂 Poor people though.

The art is really fun, I love how everything is drawn. The Gremlins are just perfectly drawn, with just the hint of creepiness, but mostly they are funny to see.

I am sure this will be a hit with everyone. I would (and will) recommend it to everyone! Looking for some fun? Like flipping open flaps and find out funny things or secrets? You like a story? You don’t mind some butt-humour? Then try this one out!


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