Review for The Mystery of the Jewelled Moth

Review for The Mystery of the Jewelled Moth

Sophie and Lil are back! This time they have to solve a mystery about a Jewelled Moth!9781405276184_LoRes3_crop

My first thought to the title was: Who would want a brooch shaped like a Moth? 🙂 I can’t imagine that looking too good (and if I have to believe the descriptions, it didn’t look that good indeed).

I was excited that Sophie and Lil would get another book, and I hoped that we would find out more about Sophie’s parents (since there is still so much mystery about her parents). I was also wondering if The Baron would show up again (our evil guy).

When the book started, and it opened with a new character named Mei, I wasn’t all too happy. From the get-go I didn’t like Mei. I can’t really put a finger on why, but I think it has to do with how she acts and behaves. Again, I am not entirely sure what ticked me off. But I can tell you I was worried that Mei would take the center stage. Luckily, that didn’t happen. Sure, she was important to the story (due to what the Moth means to her/her family), but luckily she didn’t get a lot of the spotlight. Not if you compare it to Sophie or Lil.
I did like her brother Song though.

I really liked Lil in this one, with how she went uncover as debutante, and what she did there. Oh my, she is just way too much for the age this book is set in. She fits more in the current age with how she acts. She doesn’t care about chaperones, she says whatever is on her mind, she isn’t afraid to do things. It was amazing and also so much fun to see the reactions of the other debutantes. Go girl! I wouldn’t mind more of Lil in the next book.

The mystery of the Jewelled Moth was even more fun than I had hoped. It went much further than finding the missing Moth, it went way into backstory for Sophie and also for The Baron, and I was just squealing in joy at the fact the mystery didn’t end, but just continued. There were many twists and turns, and there was a big part of excitement. There are chases, evil guys, but we also have the department store (and all the glory, I would just love to go to Sinclair’s) and all that happens there. We have a bit of romance (ah, no, I won’t spoil anything other than that, you will just have to find it out), and there are quite a few hilarious moments.

There are also parts about etiquette/how a lady should behave and I just want to say this: Please, please make a real book out of that one. 😀 I would buy it in a heartbeat and devour it just as quick.
With the etiquette parts we also had illustrations, and I just love how they look. <3

The ending and all that happened there? Wow, wow, and triple wow! It really sets a stage for the next book, and I can’t wait for the next book to come (only a year to wait for it).

I also have to say that I love the cover. It is gorgeous, it is shiny, it is pretty! I also love that you can discover so many little things in it. Like spot the girl with the moth, or what is happening to the lady. Oh so many things are happening on the cover, it is amazing. I hope the next book will also have such an amazing cover.

All in all, this book was amazing and I would highly recommend it.


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