Review for The Storm

Review for The Storm

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.27180097

Sorry, but I have to get rid of at least half a star for the blurb. It spoils the ENTIRE book, you don’t even need to read it because well, it is all there in, the blurb. Bah, I hate it when book blurb ruin an entire book. 😐 Can we please keep things a surprise? I see it way too often that picture books blurbs spoil the entire book. 😐
It is that I had to read the book for a review, but otherwise I would probably not have cared any more.

The story was pretty fun and I felt sorry for the kid. I know the feeling of looking forward to something, only to have something come in between. Though I didn’t like the ending, and the part right before the ending. It was just all a bit too magical (and also a bit confusing). I knew it was a dream sequence, but it just felt highly out of place and didn’t match with the book.
The ending was just bad because it was all so magical. Why do we always need a Happy Ever After? I know this is a kids book, but they could have left it open, or just made an ending with the parents doing something different instead of the highly anticipated beach day.

The art was pretty lovely, that one was also the main reason why I wanted to read the picture book and I can say that I am not disappointed. I love the style, and the black and white art (charcoal I believe) fitted the story perfectly. I loved how there were shades of blue to be found in the black. It just gave the art a bit of an edge.

All in all, I would still recommend this book. It was quite fun and it had pretty art.


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