Review for The Warden

Review for The Warden

y648Well…. that was just disturbing in many many ways. But then again, that is what this series is all about, disturbing, scary, sick events.

I finally decided to read this one, though I was wary. I knew this one would be extra disturbing because it took place during the Warden’s time, before Brookline broke down completely and turned into an empty (but spooky) shell. I knew that things wouldn’t be sunshine and flowers.

And after reading, and practically losing my appetite and also gaining goosebumps, I can say this was truly gruesome and there is the feeling of uneasiness from the start. You just wonder when stuff starts to get scary, when stuff starts to be disturbing. The Warden is even creepier than ever, and I just felt so sorry for Jocelyn, that she got stuck in this place. If only she knew what happens here. Though then again Jocelyn is apparently not the kind of girl who just runs away, even when things turn really creepy, she stays. I am not sure if I would call it stupidity or bravery, either way, I feel sorry for the girl.

We also meet with Lucy, this time as a child. Man, those parts about Lucy just made me feel just so uneasy (and sad). Poor girl. 🙁

As I said, the book has that feeling of uneasiness, but as the book goes it becomes something more than that. You feel repelled, creeped out. The author really has a great way of writing books, I also noticed the same pattern in her other Asylum books.

I won’t spoil the ending, but boy, did I just say bye to my appetite. shivers

If you are looking for a creepy, unsettling read, and have (of course) read the other Asylum books, check this one out. Even though I was seriously uneasy I still would recommend this book because it is a great horror book.


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