Review for Until The End

Review for Until The End

I am in a real zombie mode, so I went through some zombie lists on GR and found this one, and boy I am glad I did.18215201

It has all the great elements that make a zombie book great (creepy slow, but also fast zombies, the Fever (and how to get it), the losing of hope, death, survival, and more), but it also has romance (and it fits surprisingly well) and also has some deeper stuff like Alissa’s mental illness.

I would have liked to see Jordan’s POV since he is such an interesting character, but there is another book, so who knows. 😀

I also liked how the Fever/apocalypse starts. How everything seems normal, how Alissa got back home to her apartment, not knowing what happened, not knowing the true horror that is about to start. And then everything goes from OK to NOPE NOPE NOPE in just a few seconds.
Often with zombie books it doesn’t hit this fast, without warning. Generally there are weeks of sickness, worsening as the time goes on, or there are strange events happening, that are spreading all over the world. Not in this one though. Oh no. And I liked it, it was very effective as it showed just how much can change in the blink of an eye. How a world can change without anyone knowing what happened.
Sure, I have a lot of questions. Like how did this virus/whatever it is start? How did it get out? What happened and why was there no warning? Why does it take so long before someone becomes a shambler?

There is a lot of action and scary moments in this book. At times I just had goosebumps all over me. The zombies are properly scary, with shamblers who will follow you if they sniff you in the air, but then we also have the runners, or the new zombies. Dang, man, those things just scared me to bits. o.0 I wouldn’t want to meet one of those. 😐
There were also enough sad moments SNICKERS! Why?, or moments of typical zombie book stupidity Alissa’s leg.

I loved Alissa, and I just felt so sad for her. Stuck in a country, no a world, that is going haywire. No more medicines for her, and that is dangerous for someone who has her illness. I just kept hoping for her, hoping they would find something, or that it won’t turn out to be immediately wrong.
I could understand that she was hesitant to be with Jordan. Especially when we find out more and more about her past.
But she is also a kick-ass girl, and she is dedicated. I loved that she was so awesome with her bow, and her knife. Man, I love it when characters in zombie books can kick-ass. Go go!
I loved her dedication to keep Jordan safe. She sure showed that not only can he save her, but she will do the same for him.

Jordan. An amazing, sweet, wonderful character and he was just perfect. He also has a secret, and when we find out what it is, I just felt for him. Poor guy. 🙁
I loved what he did, how he treated Alissa, when he finds out about things. Some people would just ditch her right there, and then, but he? No. He fights for her. He wants to be with her, even if that means that she might go crazy.
He has some great ideas, and he isn’t shy or afraid to do something or learn new things.

What more? Mm, ah yes, I found it amazing that there was still electricity and that there was phone reception (and that she still has her phone with her even when she kept getting in trouble). Normally in books like this the electricity quickly dies (because no one is there to monitor them), and the phone stuff also stops. But not in this one, and while it seemed a bit unlikely (yes, I know about the world and what was going on), I didn’t mind it that much. It gave the book something extra and I was just looking forward to them finding a house with hot water and electricity and that they could have a moment for themselves.

The romance was fantastic. Sometimes it won’t fit, but I have to say that in this one it fits perfectly. The moments were sweet and full of hope. I looked forward to the moments, these 2 deserve it. And sure, at times they didn’t do it at the right time, but then again, sometimes you just need a moment like this to keep going.

Wow, that twist near the end was really effective, I didn’t see that one coming. I loved the reaction of the characters to it.

The ending was great, and I really can’t wait to start on book 2. I want to know how it continues, if our team will get further, will they be safe? What about the quarantine stuff that is being mentioned? I also hope we will be getting more answers to stuff that are still unanswered.

All in all though this is one book I would recommend!


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