Review for Violet and the Smugglers

Review for Violet and the Smugglers

Yay! Violet is back again! And what a delight this book was.27221313

This time it is not just England, nor is it just India. No, this time we also go to Venice, Italy, and also Greece! Ah, so much fun! Of course, this is a Violet book, so we all know that there is something bound to happen, and that it does! This time we have scary, creepy smugglers. Sadly, they didn’t know they would encounter Violet and her friends, or they would probably have forgotten about doing all those evil things. Because Violet and her friends really dig into something that seems suspicious. Even if it is during a fun vacation time. They will just make time to find out what is going on, and try to solve it.

Because you can (once again) clearly not trust the police. I just love that trope, and sure, at times it gets a bit old (I have seen it in Enid Blyton’s books as well), but for some reason after a while I just love it again and I ma just giggling in delight that once again it is the kids who are the smartest, and the police are once again falling behind. Luckily, though this time they don’t get the credit. That is a trope I am tired of. The whole: kids-solve-mystery-but-don’t-get-a-crap-part-credit-trope. It is often found in books like this, kids solving mysteries. And I just wish those police officers would be a bit more honest. Why would you lie about it? That is just not nice. Not at all. 😐

But, back again to the book. Like with all the other Violet books, the mystery is a big part, but a huge part is also in the descriptions of friends, family, about fun events taking place, about daily things. And in this one we also have a hint of romance. Oh no, not the kids, but two other people that are close to Violet are getting a lot of romance, and I was just awww-ing. And I felt kind of sorry for one of the characters romance. Aww, that poor character. 🙁 Then again, how did they just not notice? I mean, love makes blind, that is what they say, but this blind? Wow. And no, I won’t tell you who are what, just read the book! I loved the ending for one of the characters having romance, and it was such a delight. Congrats to you!

I loved the descriptions of all things happening on the boat, in Greece (and how poor Violet was just cringing at her Dad’s bad Greek) and Venice. Ahhhh, Venice, the place I still want to visit a lot, and thanks to this book, even more so! Gondola’s, beautiful scenery, and so much more. Also, ice cream, lots of ice cream. cough Um, I mean…. cough ;P

I had great fun trying to figure out who was the boss in the smuggling, and also finding out what they were smuggling. So I was running along with Violet and her friends, searching with them for all the hints and clues. The book was extra exciting at the end with a big chase scene, people getting captured, stupidity of the police (again), and so much more! I just flew through the book, and I loved every page and every illustration in it.

What more, ah, yes, we also find out more about Violet. Did you know she is pretty good in speaking Italian? I just loved finding that one out. It seems this girl has many many talents. 🙂

The illustrations were (of course) awesome, and I just love Becka Moor’s style of drawing.

Of course I am delighted to find out that there will be another Violet book next year, I will be sure to pre-order that one when it is available! I want more Violet and her friends adventures and mysteries. I can’t wait to see what the next one will be about. 🙂

I would highly recommend this book to everyone! It has turtles, opera, Venice, ice cream (lots of it), a bit of romance, dolphins, and so so much more!


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