Review for Yotsubato! Vol.13

Review for Yotsubato! Vol.13

28074072Yay, Yotsuba is back and kicking! I am so delighted to see this manga back again.

It took a long time for the manga to be back, and I hope it won’t leave again, or any time soon at least. Since this manga is just so hilarious and funny. Yotsuba is a really fun (though a bit weird) kid, and it is fun to see how she views this world. Even though time moves slowly, you do see her grow. For instance in this book they are talking about that it is time for Yotsuba to sleep in her own room, in a bed (that still needs to be bought). I do hope that we see Yotsuba going to school, though I can’t imagine someone as Yotsuba going to school. I feel kind of sorry for the teachers. 😉

Most of the manga is about Yotsuba’s grandma who is coming for a visit. I just had a few laughs at Yotsuba trying to headbutt her grandma and then getting blocked by grandma. Yotsuba really loves her grandma, and it was so sweet to see how she acted around her. Though I think the whole present/souvenir thing was a bit too much, and I found it rude. Sure, she is a kid, but she shouldn’t be begging for presents. Luckily her dad (and also grandma) also scold her.
I felt sad for Yotsuba at the end of the volume. Don’t worry Yotsuba your grandma will visit again.

The manga just flew by, and now I have to wait for another volume again. Hopefully soon, since Yotsuba is just so much fun, and I love reading about her adventures and how she sees the world. How she struggles understanding new things, how much fun she has learning them.

Also that cover, just look at it and then realise what is about to happen. 😀

All in all, I would recommend this manga, if you are looking for a fun, hilarious manga, be sure to check it out.


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