Review for You’re Invited, Too

Review for You’re Invited, Too

218625954.5 stars. Another terrific, fun, sweet book in this series!

I just love it when books combine real stuff (like a single parent taking care of her kids, or a hurricane threat, trying to find a good way to deal with school/fun) with sweet, adorable, fun things (romance, party organizing). It is a really nice blend and it makes the book even more interesting and fun to read.

In this book we continue with our girls, they wanted to stop the RSVP business (because of school/life), but suddenly receive an offer for a wedding and they decide to continue. The wedding and all that surround it were fun, though I have to say I absolutely hated the woman who wanted the wedding (more on that in a bit). I loved how our girls just tried their best, did everything they could. Even when things didn’t go as planned, they still tried to figure out everything. And these girls are 12/13, yet they are (with exception of 1 or 2 times) pretty awesome with this business and really handle it professionally. Not many 12/13 year old girls would be the same.
Even with that, the ages still really match with the girls. Sure, they act mature, but there are enough instances were they were still teenagers.

It took me a while to get used to the different POVs again. At first I didn’t notice that there were more, until the moment someone was talking to Sadie, and I was like, but wasn’t Sadie the character I was just reading the POV from? And then I checked, ah, this is (insert other character). 🙂 But after a few bumps in the road I got used to it and I also could see the various personalities again of the various characters.

Now on the various characters.
Sadie and Becca are my favourite characters in this book. Sadie because she is just so awesome, and sweet, and tries so so hard. I also felt sorry for her, for the whole wedding thing and what that meant for her mom. I do wish she had just spoken honestly with her mother instead of letting it simmer until it boiled over. But, I can also see why she didn’t do that. Her mother isn’t the easiest at times.
I also love Sadie for how she is with her little sister. How she tries to do fun things with her, tries to involve her into stuff she does. Not many times will you read a book with such a great sister-relationship. Often it is arguments or fights. But not with these two. 🙂

Becca, ah Becca. I am not going to fall in love again Becca. Too bad girl, you can’t stop love. You can’t stop yourself from never falling for a cute boy. 🙂
Then that happens, and I just felt a bit sorry for her. I never had braces, but I can imagine that it isn’t something you would want if you are a teenager. If you are in love with someone. If you want to impress someone.

Now for the other girls, I didn’t particularly like them at times for various reasons.
Vi, Vi was such a cute, and interesting girl. But seriously, I was just so annoyed at her dumb reactions towards Lance. Instead of just talking to him, she ran away (what the hell is up with that), and she kept seeing stuff that wasn’t there. OMG Lance is dancing with another girl, he must not like me/not want me/whatever else got in her dumb head. Bleh. 😐 And sadly this thing kept on going on and on and on. 😐
Lance didn’t help either, but then again, if a girl acts like Vi, I would also not dare to go to the girl.

Then we have Lauren. For most of the time I really liked her, but sorry, her scheduling and how she acted (especially during that one event at night), I just disliked her so much. Instead of feeling sorry for her, I was annoyed with her that she couldn’t apparently find a midway in all those things. No, she had to Study, she had to Plan FUN. 😐 This is not how it works. 😐 And why are her parents not helping her more? I mean, you see your kid is struggling with planning, just pick it up with her and help her out.

Now for the last frustration point: The bride/the woman who asked our girls to do her wedding.
Dear Lord, I hated her so much.  Expecting 12-year old girls to do everything you want (like going to Paris for eclairs or coming to your place at your every whim during night). I was just disgusted with this woman. I mean come on woman, don’t get angry with them if they say no. They already do more than they are supposed to do, yet you never seem happy.
I don’t get why none of the parents took charge. I know there were a few moments that almost had the parents do something, but the kids held them away. Sorry, but what? That wouldn’t happen with my kids. I would just do something, even if they had some silly urge to proof they are awesome with their business.

But other than those 3 points (3 characters) I didn’t have any problems with the book. It was fun, hilarious, and engaging. I also enjoyed the addition of the hurricane (I know this might sound wrong, but I meant it more in the way that it was exciting/interesting). We don’t have hurricanes here, so reading about characters having to leave pets, homes and everything and then have to hope and pray that everything will still be there while hiding in a school. It gave the book some extra depth, especially with what happened during those hurricane filled pages.

All in all, I really loved this book, and I am hoping for a third book (since I am sure there is still so much left to be told. And I just will miss the characters (even those I didn’t particularly like in this one). And I am sure there are still mountains of parties to be organized! Not to talk about all the romance that still can evolve!


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