Hardcover Surprises ~ Pax

Hardcover Surprises ~ Pax

Hello everyone!

Most of you know by now that I barely buy hardcovers, only for books I REALLY need NOW, or when a book doesn’t come out in another format after years.

Pax was a pre-order for a paperback, but for some reason it never came out at the time that was mentioned everywhere, no new dates were added, so I decided to switch to the hardcover for my pre-order. And thank Lord I did that. Because when it came in, and I unwrapped the jacket to see what kind of cover was underneath I found a gorgeous cover with, well see for yourself in the pictures.
The Fox is Pax, and he is running towards Peter (and Peter is running towards Pax). It is really beautiful, and I am almost tempted to keep the jacket on for x number of months, to switch to the hardcover without the jacket. 😀

Cover (with Jacket)
Cover underneath (back first, then front, so that you can see the running). (Preeetty!).


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