Review for A Horse for Mary Beth

Review for A Horse for Mary Beth

1898857I was looking for new Horse books + boarding school, and found this one. It looked really nice, and it sounded like the book for me. So I ordered the first book and it was just delivered yesterday.

Sadly, the book was hit and miss. Mary Beth was pretty decent, though I didn’t like how she couldn’t just be honest. I know she wanted to look good, but this is just silly. I am sure your roommates would have understood, and maybe even helped you if you had asked. But no, you just had to force yourself and get on a horse.
And sure with the ending we know how that ended up, but it was still a shame that she did it out of a lie, and a feeling of I must do this, instead of doing it on her own will.
She stays hit and miss, but she does get better at the end of the book and I was actually pretty proud of this girl. She even dared to speak up against Andie, and even dared to say what she thought. Good job girl!

Andie was the biggest problem in the whole book. She isn’t necessarily a mean girl, but she is (and sorry) a bitch. She keeps tricking and being mean towards Mary Beth, she keeps doing mean things towards the other girls. You can clearly see your roommate is having a fear for horses and you treat her like that all the time. I was just disgusted with her behaviour. And her constant I have to get kicked out of school routine got plain and boring. Why not just give it a chance instead of going for a freaking record of how many schools you can get kicked out.

Lauren was pretty decent, but a bit boring, and she tended to just flap everything out no matter how embarrassing (the whole deal with the ghost).

Jina turned out to be a totally different character from what we see at first glance. At first glance she seems to be a rich girl who likes to have her way, but you can clearly see she is a nice girl. I would love to see more of her in the books.

There is a lot of horse stuff (duh) and it was all so much fun. Now that Mary Beth is like this I am guessing the books will speed up with all the horse stuff and feature it even more.

The mystery of the ghost was also a fun addition to the book.

Will I be reading the next book? Mm, I am not sure. The next book is Andie, and I absolutely despise that girl. But maybe I will just get it because I am sure that (if this series works like Chestnut Hill) we need to read all the books otherwise one will just miss things. And I am also curious to see if this series gets better. There was much improvement in this book, and that was only 120~ pages, so I am curious about the rest of the series.


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