Review for A Tale of Two Mommies

Review for A Tale of Two Mommies

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.12976333

Yes, this is the other book from this author. This time instead of two daddies we have a little boy who has two mommies. While on the beach with his mommies he meets 2 kids who want to know how it works. Because what if you want to learn how to bike? Or when to fly a kite? Which mommy is the right one? Or if you scrape a knee? Or when you need to learn how to be polite?
It was a delight to read the questions, I was a bit worried they might be mostly the same as with the A Tale of Two Daddies, but I didn’t need to worry, the questions were totally different and I loved that they did this.

This book takes place on the beach (like the other book took place at a playground), and it was so much fun to see the day just fly by, the kids having fun, while also answering important questions about his mommies.
I had a laugh when they were underwater and we got a nice translation for what they said there. 😀

Like the other book some of the questions were answered with a resounding both mommies, but there were also things the little boy could do himself.

Like with the previous book, this one also features that fun, and nice art style that I really love seeing.

I would highly recommend this book. It is just so much fun, and like with the other one, it shows that families can be more than just 1 mommy and 1 daddy, or 1 daddy/1 mommy. And it is fun for kids who want to know more.


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