Review for Caillou: Mystery Valentine

Review for Caillou: Mystery Valentine

28998324I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

This was pretty adorable, but the mystery was a bit too quickly done (then again, this is a picture book and for children so yeah, but still I was looking forward to it).

I found Caillou a really nice kid, making all those cards, and each one quite different from the other one (like for one of his friends he made one with a lot of stars). And then to give them to his friends. And they apparently also prepared cards for him. That sounds like a fun event to do. That way all the kids will get something nice on Valentine’s Day, instead of only the popular ones. I wish they would have such a tradition here in my country.

The Valentines party was great fun, and then that mystery card pops up. Of course the mystery was solved quickly, and it was quite an easy guess. I did love when Caillou finds it out for himself and how happy he was.

The art is so so, and I do wonder why Caillou sleeps with a hat on in bed.

Also it is still a shame that the pages break on my tablet, all of the pages are 2 page-spreads, and in a tablet that is broken, so it doesn’t make for easy reading.

But all in all, I did quite enjoy myself. I might check out more of those Caillou books.


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