Review for Can You Keep a Secret?

Review for Can You Keep a Secret?

25663595I was so excited for new Fear Street, so excited that I got my pre-order in early, and it didn’t disappoint, there was just one big thing that I didn’t like, and one smaller thing. Other than that, I just couldn’t stop reading this book. I had to read until I was done. 😀

First up what I did like. I liked our MC. She was fun, relatable, and I was curious about her dreams. She had these vivid dreams, and I was just eager to find out how real they were. She also had a good head on her shoulders. Sure, she went with a lot things, but she was also not shy to say no in the right situations.
Unlike maybe others, I could understand her frustrations with her sister (I will talk about the sister more). Instead of being angry at Emmy for not being there for her sister that much, I just could understand.
I loved how Emmy tried to make sense of what is going on, not only with the dreams, but also with all the other stuff that is happening around her.

Emmy and Eddie’s romance was interesting, I did see a chemistry between them, though I didn’t totally get why Emmy was with him. Sure, he had a lot of good points, but with his violence, and the stuff he did… I don’t know. I just couldn’t trust him. This might sound weird though, but it did make the book better, because I was curious about Eddie and his motives.

While at times I didn’t like the whole money thing, especially in combination with the wolf-stuff, it just felt out of place, after reading it, I have to say it all just matches right. And I did enjoy reading about both of the things, because now I had to things to wonder about, two things I wanted to figure out.

The ending is also typical R.L. Stine. It is the same way he always ends his book, with a nice little surprise, or a little something extra. Sometimes it is frustrating, but sometimes, like with this book, it just fits perfectly.

The whole wolf thing, and the whats and whos about it? Well, I first thought it was that person, then I suspected it was totally different and I turned to that person. Who it turned out to be? Yeah, wouldn’t you like to know now. 😀 I am delighted with who it turned out to be though.
I also liked the dreams.

Aunt Marta was definitely a nice addition to the book, she was a bit creepy, but I loved her rituals, her beliefs, and also what she knew about the wolf thing.

Now for the things I didn’t like.

The biggest thing was Sophie. She was just highly unlikeable, and I got a bit too tired of her checking on her sister, keeping tabs, and begging/whining when her sister went off with her friends. She was just so annoying. She felt more like a mom than a sister. And I also wanted to shout at the girl to get her own friends and stop being so annoying about what her sister does. Yes, your sister has a life of her own, so what? Why do you need to keep butting in it? Why don’t you just do something about that emptiness in your life. Bah!

There is also the typical horror stupidity that just made me roll my eyes so much. Really? You think this a good idea? And when the kids found the money I just knew how it would end up. And I was right. Don’t get me wrong, I love horror, but I just get tired of seeing the same clichés popping, seeing the same mistakes being made over and over again. Come on guys. Can’t we have horror without all that?

But all in all, I did enjoy it, and again R.L. Stine writes in a way that will grab you by your shirt and just not leave you until you are done with the book, and even then, believe me, it will still follow you around for quite a bit of time.
I would recommend this book. And I just noticed that there will be a 5th book! Guess what I will be pre-ordering soon.


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