Review for Captain Pug

Review for Captain Pug

28595925I just adore pugs, and love it when they are featured in children’s books. So you can imagine that when I saw this one being mentioned on Twitter, I just had to pre-order it immediately.

And for magical (but very delightful) reasons this one got delivered 2 days ago, even though it is apparently supposed to not come out until May. Oh well, I am delighted that I can read this book sooner, I was really counting down the weeks until it would come out.

And boy, boy, I just loved this book so much. It is funny, it is cute, it features friendship, it features a slightly brave dog, it also has a great and sweet owner who will do anything to get her pug back (even carrying something heavy).

The day started off right for both the owner (Miranda) and for the pug, but sadly things happened (or actually greed happened) and thus begins the adventure of our sweet little pug, and his owner who will move countries to find her sweet little pet again.
The adventure was a delight, our little pug was looking for ways to become a captain (he thought if he could become that he would be able to find his owner again). So he boards ships (all kinds), just to become captain or at least famous enough. 😀
With that he tries to conquer his fear of water (yes, he wants to become a captain but is absolutely terrified of water).

I was just squeeing and squealing with each page. The story became more and more fun, and I was just cheering for both the pug and the owner to find each other again. To be able to be safe and happy again.

The illustrations are absolutely gorgeous and they fitted the story so perfectly well. I also loved that this is yet another book that features a couple of colours and lets them come back over and over in the illustrations (blue/white/orange). I just can’t wait to see what the next book’s colours will be. (Will they be the same? Will they be different?)

I would highly recommend this book to everyone. If you like pugs, if you like adventures, or if you are just looking for a sweet, adorable book to enjoy, then try this one out!
I can’t wait for the next book to come out!


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