Review for Daredevil Dave

Review for Daredevil Dave

24886734I saw this one at the library, I immediately recognized the art, and then I saw the writer/illustrator and knew I had to get it. I just love I Won by this writer, and I was hoping this one would be another hit.

And it was! It was slightly less believable than the other one, but I still loved it to bit.

It is all about Dave, a guy who loves to do daredevil things. Things that a lot of people wouldn’t do, like bicycling over a gap (and a railing), or doing rocket stuff. But that is Dave. He is searching for the butterflies in his stomach again after he lost them. His quest for the butterflies was such a delight, I can imagine/understand his feeling. One moment you are having so much fun and enjoyment from something, and then bang, that feeling is just gone. And then you just want to find it back, those butterflies, that feeling.

I just laughed so much during all his stunts as they increasingly got more and more dangerous. More and more potentially deathly.

And then the end happens, and I was just cheering so much, I was so happy for Dave. Oh you are thinking I am going to tell you what happens? And if Dave finds his butterflies again? Haha, no, you will have to go with Dave on this journey and find it out yourself. But believe me the ending is rewarding and oh so much fun.

The art is great, I really love this illustrator’s style. There are so many details on the vehicles that our character Dave uses. And the art is really colourful and fun.

All in all, this is a hit with me, and I will be sure to keep a lookout for other Ruth Wielockx books! I would also recommend this book to everyone!


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