Review for Floor ni Maou ga Imasu Vol.1

Review for Floor ni Maou ga Imasu Vol.1

978-4040678078What do you get when you mix Working! with a gender-bendered Hataraku Maou-sama? You get this manga.

A manga about a restaurant, about a Demon Lord who is generally a little girl, but grows big due to food (and her height isn’t the only thing that grows :P), about a guy trying to just survive another day (thanks to the Demon Lord and her cohorts), about a mushroom girl (who also can grow in height and other departments when full), about a shrine maiden, about a Demon King (who is terribly shy, and apologizes to guys by punching them (ouch!)), about a girl who is just being dragged along (poor thing). It is one big chaos, and it was oh so much fun.

All of this takes place in the restaurant, or in case of one chapter, they were still doing restaurant stuff. I can hear you ask how this can be fun, well believe me, each chapter is full of random stuff happening. A Demon Lord learning about life on earth, eating until she is full (and thus getting big), plotting world dominance (yes, even though that one isn’t going so well). You see them interact with humans, waiting/serving food, you see them protect and help their human friends (and also do much more than that). It is a whole lot of fun, and I was laughing my butt of during each chapter.

The first chapter, the one were we find out about the Demon Lord, and also about where she lives (really, that no one knew that was going on, amazing!~). I just knew from that chapter I would love this manga.

Each of the characters is just so much fun. Even though the Demon Lord might be a bit annoying at times, you still will grow to like her. You still will root for her.

The art is also really great, I just adore the characters designs, and there is also care for the backgrounds. I think my favourite part of the characters design would be the eyes, they are just so pretty.

Would I recommend this manga? Oh yes, yes I would. If you are in for a laugh, like a hilarious random manga, and love a wide cast of fun characters, then try this one out.


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