Review for Giraffe on a Bicycle

Review for Giraffe on a Bicycle

This one brought a big smile to my face, just the right thing after a dreary day.29007425

What do you get when you have jungle animals and add a bicycle to that equation? Lots of fun, lots of chaos, and in the end… something even more fun. 😀

I already had a laugh at the fact a tourist would abandon his bicycle in hunt for that elusive pink bird, I mean, you can just place a bet that your bicycle will attract the attention of certain animals. Though I don’t think he would have guessed they would take it for a ride themselves.
Because that is what happens. Giraffe knows how the ride the bicycle, well kind of, and very awkwardly (which is no strange thing considering how long these animals are). And then the ride starts, and as the ride goes on more and more animals join (or actually most of them are pretty much pulled/forced onto the bike) until well…. see for yourself what happens. It is a hilarious ending and I especially liked the tourist again at the end. He sure is creative!

The cover is definitely getting a lot of love from me, I could just see the enjoyment on the faces of the animals, and you can already see the hint to other animals in it! And also some other things. 😉
So much fun, after reading this book the cover gets a whole new dimension!

The art was pretty good, and I loved how the animals were drawn, how much care there is in each animal. Also I loved the art near the ending (with how that thing looked then). The art is also colourful which sure does fit this happy and joyful book!

All in all, if you are in need of a laugh (and be sure to check the cover again after reading the book!) and you need some silliness in your life, then check this one out!


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